Terms Of Use

MyBoxBuyer requires payment in full prior to the commencement of the buying trip. If payment is not received by the order deadline for the current month's trip, your order may not be purchased.

Out of Stock Items
We make every effort to fulfill all orders. Any items that are not in stock during the buying trip may be picked up in the following month's buying trip. You are only charged for items actually delivered.

All invoices will be calculated based on the cost of goods at the time of purchase. We are not responsible for stores changing their prices or web sites not reflecting the same price as posted in stores.

Sale Items
If an item is on sale at the time you create your shopping list, your invoice will be adjusted to reflect the price at the time of purchase.

If you are ordering an item that is on sale during our scheduled shopping dates we will honour the sale price. Our commissions, however, will be based on the regular price of the item.

The return policies are specific to each store. Please consult our Lead Time & Returns page for more information.