New Zealand IKEA Quotes

MyBoxBuyer is pleased to offer direct shipping services from IKEA stores in Canada to Auckland New Zealand. We can ship all items found at any IKEA store in Canada. Buy the bed and the linens.. no item is too small! Visit the website and create a shopping list. You can then submit the list on our form below for a shipping quote. We will try to send back a quote in 2-3 business days. 

Rates:  We are marking up all items on the IKEA site by 125%. To calculate the costs of shipping an item in Canadian Dollars, you need only take the listed price on the site and multiply by 2.25% then add applicable taxes. 

Quoting: MyBoxBuyer will provide a final quote on the order plus all applicable taxes and import tariffs. No hidden fees. Our quote is the final price. 

Payment: When a quote is approved, MyBoxBuyer will send an invoice with payment instructions. Orders must be paid in advance to our brokerage partner before shipments are sent. 

Scheduling: MyBoxBuyer sends out shipments once a month. Your order will arrive in approximately 6-8 weeks after clearing our Canadian warehouse. 

Order Pickup: Orders will arrive in Auckland and customers notified when they are ready for pickup.

All ordersl are insured by MyBoxBuyer: Customers must inspect orders upon pickup for any possible signs of damage. Customers should reject shipments that show obvious signs of damage. MyBoxBuyer will refund any items that are damaged in transport.